Personal Care

What Is Personal Care

We offer a comprehensive personal care service that supports people in a range of activities for those who need regular assistance with things such as Pharmaceutical Assistance such as collecting or renewing prescriptions direct from a chemist, continence care which may include helping to change incontinence pads and stoma bags as well as empty catheters.

We can offer morning and evening assistance to help with routine activities such as shopping and food preparation, helping clients get dressed and undressed as well as hygiene assistance.

Other Personal Care Services

Personal Care is not just about offering physical support and assistance, our staff are trained to offer advice and encouragement to our clients as well as building a trusting relationship to ensure the client knows they have emotional and physcological support.

We ensure that all of our support workers are rigorously trained in many aspects of Health and Safety procedures including moving and handling as well as food hygiene and first aid

What You Can Expect From Us

We only choose the very best when it comes to recruiting our team of care workers. We then assess any areas that our people may need additional training in before we assign them to our clients.

We understand that our clients deserve discretion and respect when it comes to our clients dignity and privacy which is why we put this to the forefront of our recruitment process. We are not only there to assist in the daily lives of our clients but we also strive to help our clients to have independence and control to the best of their ability.

Summary Of Personal Care

We understand that each client may have their own unique requirements which is why we can tailor a bespoke personal care package to suit specific needs. Below is just some of the services we provide in our personal care packages.