Night Care

What Is Night Care

Night Care covers several different services within this service including Sleep In Care, Wake In Care and Specialised Night Care which is for people who may be suffering from medical conditions including dementia.

We offer support for clients throughout the night to help them feel safe and secure while they are sleeping and it also helps family and friends sleep safe in the knowledge that our trained care staff are taking care of their loved ones.

The cost of night care depends on the level of service you require, contact us today with details of your requirements and we will be able to evaluate your needs and provide the cost based on the details your provide us with.

Sleep In Care

Sleep In Care is for clients who need assistant throughout the night and want the additonal feeling of security knowing someone else is home with them in case anything goes wrong.

Specialised Night Care

This is a service we offer to clients who may have a medical condition that needs constant help from a carer, this could be someone who is particularly old and frail or someone who suffers from dementia, our fully trained carers are on hand to supervise clients throughout the night.