Do You Need A Qualified Nurse?

Talk to us about our qualified agency Nurses

We care passionately about our nurses and the difference they make to the lives of your patients and clients. We supply agency nurses to hospitals, care homes and domestic clients.

All of our highly trained and qualified nurses have first hand experience in working in a hospital or medical environment, whether it is within the NHS or the Private Sector. We fully vet our agency nurses before they are recruited to our team for both the past experience as well as for criminal records checks.

We have provided our agency nurses to a number of hospitals who have been left short staffed due to ilness or holiday cover, even at extremely short notice we can usually fill your position with just a few hours notice.

Why Choose Us

Nothing should compromise the safety of your patients or clients especially when it comes to having an adequate number of trained nurses on duty which is why Momo & Tarek Care Limited are fast becoming the number one choice when it comes to providing fully qualified and experienced Nurses.

We set no time limit on how long you have our agency staff, whether you need a Nurse for one day or a month or more, we can provide a first class solution to keep your operation running smoothly.

Experience Counts

When it comes to our recruitment process, talented and experience people is at the top of our agenda. You can be guaranteed that the qualified agency nurses that we provide will be the perfect solution in situations where you have been left short staffed.

Our nurses are extremely flexible when it comes to working hours and locations, for more information please contact us today and we can discuss costs with you, even if you don't need cover today, you might need it tomorrow!

Some Of Our Clients

We provide Nursing cover for a wide range of clients including:-