Live-In Care

Information About Live-In Care

Live-In Care is a service that we provide to clients who need varying levels of care depending on their circumstances. We can offer different levels of Live-In care including basic which is suited to people who dont need help with getting dressed, using the bathroom or help with medication but is more suited for people who are looking for companionship or assistance with daily activities such as cooking and cleaning and possibly people with a smaller care budget.

We can also provide more specific care such as Live-In Nursing Care and Specialised Live-In Care for those who need a higher level of support.

Personal Live-In Care

Personal Care offers everything that the basic live-in care package has but also includes other personal care requirements such as cooking, cleaning and help getting dressed and bathed as well as toilet assistance.

The carer will provide everything that is needed to help the client live a comfortable life with the knowledge that they have someone there to help with the day to day chores and activities.

Specialised Live-In Care

Specialised Live-In Care provides everything that the personalised and basic live-in care provides but also includes specially trained staff who are qualified to deal with a specific requirement or condition that the client may have.

Upon you contacting us with your specific requirements, we will be able to advise you on the type of specialist care assistants that are needed and give you a quotation and advise you on the next steps and procedures.

Nursing Live-In Care

Typically Nursing Live-In Care is for people who prefer to live at home rather than move in to a nursing home and need the type of nursing care that you would usually find in a care or nursing home. We have a number of specialist care nurses who are experienced in Live-In care and are able to provide the exact level of care that you require.